What is Equity market?

In share market, the companies create the possibilities for the individuals to invest and make them as a partial owner. The people can buy the shares from the company and earn money by selling that share at right time. Every transactions is done in the market through online. This market is commonly known as Equity market.

Equity market is a platform for trading in shares of the company who offers IPO for their shares. Those companies would become a member of the depended exchanges. Anyone can trade in equity once he has sufficient amount for buying the shares of the company. It is also known as share market because of trading done in the name of shares.


The share market tradings between traders and companies are connected by the intermediate called brokers. They should be a member of corresponded exchanges and are registered their brokerage firm name in SEBI (Security and Exchange Board of India)

In India, there are mainly two exchanges plays a vital role in equity: NSE & BSE Traders are mostly preferring these two exchanges for equity. Usually, the stock market in India is closed on every weekends ie Saturday and Sunday and also is closed in government holydays. you can see in picture given below.