What is Online trading

The process of exchanging products between two people with money as a medium through an internet is known as an online trading. In another word, the act of buying and selling at an instant with help of the high tech computer and high-speed internet connectivity is also known as an online trading. It is also called as e-trading.

Human traded physically before the discovery of an internet when they took their products to the market and sold them for the fixed price and then they bought their needs with that money. Due to technological evaluation, the Internet is discovered and the human exploited the internet for many things as like as trading.

Online Trading

The human was exhausted with loss of time, energy and money in the physical trading and after the evaluation of internet, the human were reinvigorated to invest and trade more effectively and efficiently through online.

According to the share market, an online trading has been playing an important role from the starting of the 21st century. The share market trading like Equity, Commodity, Mutual Funds, Currencies, etc were raised and improvised with the development of an online trading.