What is a trading platform?

The trading platform is a software used for online trading through which traders can watch, analyze and trade in the market. The trading software is developed and launched by the brokerage firm and are provided to their clients either free or cost based on the brokers. The trading platforms are in the form of both software and mobile application.

Each trading platform differs one another for its unique specifications of trading, such trading as Equity, Commodity, Currencies, Mutual funds, etc. with different specification for each type. The basic essential specifications of the trading platforms are live market watch, Charting tools, world market news and live levels. Moreover, multi chart, order notification, pay in and pay out, Alarm alert, etc are extra specification added to strength their products in the market.

Online Trading

The investors and traders often moved to another brokerage firm for their attracted and advanced trading platforms. So, many brokerage firms always update their software and mobile application with new ideas and new strategies. Traders can learn market terminology, techniques for identifying trends, and even build their own trading strategies using these trading platforms.

Note: In the way, Rayalseema bullion and commtrade has researched the fundamental and technical needs of the trading platform and launched our own advanced mobile trading platform free for our clients. It was named as RSB Mobile trading app.